Thursday, October 25, 2012

Been a while

I remember last year when I spent hours tweaking this blog's template and stuff and it ends up I don't even use it.  It really is such a shame, considering the banner was hand-drawn (mouse-drawn?).  I'm actually left handed but I hold the computer mouse in my right hand so when I was drawing, the pointer was shaking so much.  SEIZURE SEIZURE!

I hope I'll keep posting but it's so difficult!  Even the food blog that my friend and I write is significantly decreasing in posts.  Pretty pretty sad...

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Jay Park is Da Man

The only thing that has been playing on my playlist is freaking JAY PARK CUZ HE DA BOMB YO!  He writes his own music and they're all fabulous and wonderful so you could play them all on loop all day and all night haha

I have both of his albums and I have to say his most recent one "New Breed" is definitely better (although, not saying his first album isn't good because it's also AWESOME).  But you could practically hear his skills improve and DAMN I'M LOVING IT!  His voice is so smooth and his rapping is pretty damn hardcore :D  And his dancing, damnn boy harharhar

I really like his song "Wasted" on the New Breed album.  But for some reason, after watching his practice video for his Golden Disk Award performance, everytime I hear the song I kept seeing the break dance part from the practice.  It was practically driving me crazy so I had to pair it up myself and DAMN!  Good results *thumbs up* :D

And then being as obsessed as I am, I went to look for some Jay desktop wallpapers but sadly, there aren't any good ones out there so I made my own haha  And I ended up spending so much time on them and they all turned out pretty darn good.  So I thought that it would be a waste not to share this good stuff with the world.  

(All wallpapers were made to fit my laptop screen so they're all 1366 X 768 but they should work fine with smaller HD screens.  Just click on them for full size view.)

.  .  .  .  .

This is the one that took the longest.  I took individual photos from Jay's Highcut photoshoot to make this pretty-polaroid-collage.  And yeah, those characters are Jay's real signature :D  Took me hella long time to find his siggy!

Ooooh hotty in the house!!

And then from then on, I was like fuq this shit, Imma just take screenshots of his MVs haha  And that's what I did and with a some editing, the wallpapers turned out FABBBB!

Wallpapers from Star MV:

Aww sleepy baby..and his tatoos are so... :D

Wallpapers from Girlfriend MV:


Wallpapers from Level 1000 MV:


Wallpaper from Know Your Name (Acoustic version) MV:

Wallpapers from Tonight MV:

And I'll throw in another one I thought was hilarious:










And his eyes tend to roll back a lot.  He said that when he eats, his eyes always roll back but I think it just happens every time he opens his mouth big because:







Yeah, fucking scared me too when I took this screenshot.  Imagine pausing through the MV all like "ooh hot hot hot hot" and then "OMFG WTF".  Haha but I love him all the same.  I'm willing to accept everything about him, even his eye-rolling-back.  And this one's also a wallpaper, so you could just...

Monday, April 9, 2012

I Need a Mouse

I use a laptop, being a college student and all. And well, laptops have those mouse touch pad things and well, I HATE THEM WITH A PASSION. THEY SHOULD ALL JUST DIE.

You're typing, all happy and on a roll. Then all of a sudden, you're typing in the previous paragraph. Or you delete a whole paragraph. Yeah, that shit happens because those touchpads are CRAZY. They just move around when you're typing and OMG IT DRIVES ME CRAZY. You cannot type a single sentence in peace!

So yeah, I usually just turn that bitch off and use a seperate mouse. It's wireless and wonderful and my precious baby.

But...MY BABY HAS RAN OUT OF BATTERIES AND THE WORLD HAS STOPPED TURNING. I'm also out of batteries and so are my roommates. In fact, their mouses (mice?) also ran out batteries.  Both of them.  GASP! IS THIS SOME TYPE OF DANGEROUS MOUSE DISEASE? And yeah, they also don't have spare batteries. So we're all using the devil touch-mouse-pads.

This post was a bitch to type and it was so short! But in the last, like 15 sentences, I've had 6 touch-pad-from-hell disasters.

An example of a mouse that has lost its batteries.

(Oh god, isn't this the funniest picture ever?  Its face expression is priceless.  HAHAHAHA  Cracked me up so bad when I first saw it.  And on top of that, IT'S SO CUTE!  Its eyes are popping out and its mouth is like "O".  And this picture can have so many captions.  Like "I can't hold my poop-y any longer!!!" or "OH I RAN OUT OF BATTERIES".  MY GOD I NEED BATTERIES.)