Monday, April 9, 2012

I Need a Mouse

I use a laptop, being a college student and all. And well, laptops have those mouse touch pad things and well, I HATE THEM WITH A PASSION. THEY SHOULD ALL JUST DIE.

You're typing, all happy and on a roll. Then all of a sudden, you're typing in the previous paragraph. Or you delete a whole paragraph. Yeah, that shit happens because those touchpads are CRAZY. They just move around when you're typing and OMG IT DRIVES ME CRAZY. You cannot type a single sentence in peace!

So yeah, I usually just turn that bitch off and use a seperate mouse. It's wireless and wonderful and my precious baby.

But...MY BABY HAS RAN OUT OF BATTERIES AND THE WORLD HAS STOPPED TURNING. I'm also out of batteries and so are my roommates. In fact, their mouses (mice?) also ran out batteries.  Both of them.  GASP! IS THIS SOME TYPE OF DANGEROUS MOUSE DISEASE? And yeah, they also don't have spare batteries. So we're all using the devil touch-mouse-pads.

This post was a bitch to type and it was so short! But in the last, like 15 sentences, I've had 6 touch-pad-from-hell disasters.

An example of a mouse that has lost its batteries.

(Oh god, isn't this the funniest picture ever?  Its face expression is priceless.  HAHAHAHA  Cracked me up so bad when I first saw it.  And on top of that, IT'S SO CUTE!  Its eyes are popping out and its mouth is like "O".  And this picture can have so many captions.  Like "I can't hold my poop-y any longer!!!" or "OH I RAN OUT OF BATTERIES".  MY GOD I NEED BATTERIES.)

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